About Us

t-oral is your mouth therapist. T-oral provides outstanding overall mouth care that includes both protection of teeth and gums and keeping mouth in good condition. There are several different problems in mouth cavity, they are not only plaques, cavities on the teeth or bleeding gums, but also sore mouth, bad smell, dry mouth. For all these disturbing mouth cavity problems, t-oral spray and mouthwashes provides overall care and protection.

What makes t-oral different?
t-oral is your mouth therapist. The natural ingredients of t-oral offer everything you need for overall mouth care. t-oral provides the best environment for the mouth and teeth to be healthy and strong.

Spray or Swish and get 7 effects
-Protect gums.
-Help protect teeth from decay.
-Prevents plaque build-up.
-Strengthens weak tooth enamel.
-Improves Oral Hygiene.
-Prevents dry mouth and sour taste in mouth.
-Freshens breath and prevents bad breath.